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How To Declutter Your House in 7 Easy Steps

If you are preparing to declutter your home but feel you don’t know where to start, just follow these 7 easy steps to ease up your journey.

In the modern era, anxiety and feelings of depression among adult Canadians are at their highest levels — especially among women.

We run back home to get away from the hustle and bustle of life so, our house should be a sanctuary and a comfort zone, not a mess where we feel frustrated by the clutter.

According to research, our environment can impact our mental health positively or negatively, you can read more about the direct impact of an organized space on our mental health in this blog post.

A scattered physical space around us makes us feel stressed, and simply decluttering can help us feel happier and increase our brain’s productivity. Coming home to a well maintained environment can boost your mood resulting in better physical health and increased productivity.

Here is a list of 7 easy steps that will help you make decluttering easy and your life happier

1. Make a list of areas that need attention

To make decluttering easy, make a list of areas that need decluttering.

Everyone has different habits; some people keep buying clothes they never wear, while others keep buying kitchen utensils or appliances they never use. Some people have a habit of collecting books they read once or twice, and without noticing, they slowly build up piles somewhere in the corner of their room or study. Listing areas that need attention will lay out the decluttering task in front of you and clarify your efforts.

2. Divide belongings into 3 boxes

After you have decided on the areas that require your attention, take 3 boxes and label them by the following 3 categories

  • The things that should be thrown away

  • The items which can be recycled or reused later

  • The things that can be donated or put up for garage sale

This method will speed up your decluttering journey and might surprise you with what you find.

3. Give it just 15 minutes a day

If you are new to decluttering, it’s difficult to take out time for it. To make yourself habitual to decluttering, strictly take out 15 minutes each day and start by decluttering little things daily, like throwing away receipts you no longer need or cleaning your side drawers.

4. Give one item each day

It is always challenging to find a starting point; to make it easy, start small. Take the initiative by donating or throwing away one item daily.

5. Keep a trash bag handy

Always keep a trash bag nearby and maintain a target to fill it weekly/monthly.

6. Seek or ask for help

For some people decluttering becomes very overwhelming, difficult and could cause anxiety. It could be because you aren't habitual of throwing away stuff or have an emotional attachment to belongings you no longer use. So don’t be shy while asking for help from a friend or a professional organaizer.

7. Avoid buying things you don’t need

You must declutter when you buy too much. A sale sign doesn’t always mean that you need to buy something. When you go out shopping, try to stick to the shopping list, buy what you really need, and don’t stick to the idea that you will use it later or buy it because it's on sale.


I hope these easy-to-follow 7 steps will make your decluttering journey easy. Keep decluttering and stay stress-free!

Or you can also use our professional organization and decluttering services.

So, what’s on your mind? Are you prepared to declutter your home by following these 7 easy steps?

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Lee Lubinetzky
Lee Lubinetzky
Oct 31, 2022

Great tips! inspired me to start small in my kitchen, thank you!


Great tips. I love the idea of 15 minutes day, much less overwhelming.


Great suggestions! I’ll make sure to try these. :)


Yael Ben-Ari
Yael Ben-Ari
Oct 27, 2022

Couldn’t agree more! such a great advice. I will sure try your recommendations!


Give away one item a day! What a great idea. Brilliant!

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