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The Direct Impact of an Organized Space on your Mental Health

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Many people practice yoga or mindfulness when they feel stressed or anxious, but the simple task of decluttering the house and organizing it is just as beneficial for mental health as practicing mindfulness.

The good thing is the benefits of an organized space don't end here.

You will be learning all of the mental health benefits of an organized home in this blog; however, first, we need to understand how it works.

Brain Loves Organized Environment

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine an unorganized room.

How does it feel? Irritating, clogging and frustrating? If yes, then why does it happen?

Well, our brain is a complex organ that works through its numerous neural pathways.

Its complexity demands that the neural pathways are extensively organized so that all the functions can be performed efficiently. The brain is so much in love with its organized pathways that if your eyes encounter something disorganized, the brain becomes overwhelmed. It starts panicking. And this outcome directly affects your mental health. In contrast, if your eyes encounter an organized space, the brain experiences peace and serenity, boosting mental health.

Now, you might have got an idea about an organized space's importance. So, let's move towards a detailed explanation of its impacts on mental health.

Calmness and improved sleep

Organizing and cleaning are closely linked to the reduction of anxiety and stress.

A crowded or chaotic environment may often be seen as "incomplete," whether intentionally or subconsciously, which can create extra stress.

According to research, clean sheets and making your bed have been linked to a better night's sleep, which has its own range of significant mental health advantages. As a result, an organized space could play a direct role in improved sleep, calmness, and stress reduction.

Uplifts mood

When we look at an orderly place, it seems like everything is "fresh" once again, which ignites a sense of excitement inside us. Moreover, when you enter an organized space, you can feel a sense of calm flow over you. Hence, the peace and sense of excitement can instantly uplift your mood. And experiencing a good mood is an excellent way to maintain optimum mental health.

Improves Focus

When you enter a room, which thing catches your attention first? Most probably, you will notice the inclined picture, the half-closed window or any other disorganized object. This happens because disorganized things feel like something out of normal, demanding attention and distracting us. Therefore, an organized place can directly impact our focus, improving concentration and elevating mental health.

Enhances Happiness

When you are present in an organized environment, something amazing happens. The cognitive energy gets amplified, making it easier for your creative flame to ignite. This enhanced creativity, a good mood, and improved focus will allow you to remain happy throughout your day. And as you all might know, there is no better way to attain optimum mental health than staying happy. Happiness cleanses your brain, helps in recovery and reduces oxidative stress, resulting in an overall optimum mental health.

Is there anything easier or simpler than an organized space that can have such wondrous impacts on mental health? So, get yourself moving, declutter your environment and create an organized space.

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Denis Senchishev
Denis Senchishev
Oct 28, 2022

This is so true!

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